Break-up of the S.S Empire Tana “Inner Lees”

Break-up of the S.S Empire Tana “Inner Lees”

We have recent reports of the S.S Empire Tana wreck, commonly know as the “Inner Lees”, in Strangford Lough beginning to break apart. This was an inevitability and testament to the strong tides of the Lough. Recent photos (not shown here) have shown that to the rear of the wreck on the starboard side, an area has come loose and reports state this section moves when hit by waves. Something worth noting to take caution if you will be diving below this area.

If you have any updates on the condition of the wreck please let us know and we can share here or on our Facebook page. Additional information can be sent to


Justin Judge

DiveNI Coordinator

Marine Biodiversity Officer (CEDaR)

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