The Discovery of the wreck of La Trinidad Valencera

The Discovery of the wreck of La Trinidad Valencera


50 years ago this week, a group of recreational divers made the discovery of their lives, a Spanish Armada wreck, La Trinidad Valencera. The team spent the next 10+ years meticulously excavating the site and carefully preserving the delicate materials which they found (now on display in the Tower Museum, L’Derry and Ulster Museum, Belfast).

In this podcast I speak to Dave Atherton, a member of the dive team involved in this amazing excavation…



In this interview, Dave talks about the BBC Chronicle Series which followed the story. You can watch the full episode below or on the DiveNI YouTube channel.

Dave also mentions the virtual tour of the exhibition in the Tower Museum, which you can immerse yourself in HERE

The material recovered from the wreck of La Trinidad Valencera is on display in both the Ulster Museum in Belfast and the Tower Museum in Derry, you can read about these items HERE.


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