City Nature Challenge 2024

City Nature Challenge 2024

This weekend marks Belfast’s first entry into the City Nature Challenge.

City Nature Challenge is an international citizen science competition to see which city can observe the most native species. Taking place between 26 and 29 April 2024, over 400 cities around the world will collaborate to find and document wildlife in their cities.

This year’s competition will take place over the generously sized “Greater Belfast Area” which some of you may note is a little larger than the typical Belfast metropolitan area.

This however opens up the opportunity for the submission of marine species observations by our active SCUBA diving community, with the survey area including a number of biodiversity-rich dive sites. So if you are out diving this weekend and have your camera handy submit some of your observations on the project page and help contribute City Nature Challenge 2024. City Nature Challenge 2024: Greater Belfast · iNaturalist


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