Undoubtedly, our most famous wreck is that of La Girona, a galleous of the Spanish Armada, which, overladen with people and treasures, hit the rocks off the Giant’s Causeway in 1588 and sank.

Of the 1300 people on board, only 9 are believed to have survived and the treasures remained on the seabed for some 400 years before finally being discovered by a team of divers from Belgium in the late 1960s led by Robert Stenuit.

In this video we hear from Greer Ramsey, Curator of History from Ulster Museum, as he talks us through the journey of La Girona and the artefacts that were recovered, alongside Dan Snow who visited the site for The One Show and History Hit back in 2017.

Stenuit kindly wrote to DiveNI this month and also included are his memories of the moment they found the site of La Girona and the salvage operation that ensued….

*Note that the designation order on this site (under The Protection of Wrecks Act, 1973) requires that any diver wishing to visit it must apply for a license.* For more info visit: https://www.communities-ni.gov.uk/shipwrecks